New Application: Impeller Blade Casting

MES was proud to deliver one of a kind impeller blade castings for Axial fans. Material was carefully chosen by the customer because of excellent strength properties at elevated temperatures. Aluminum C355 offers excellent castability, pressure tightness and resistance to hot cracking. C355 also boasts an excellent fluidity and solidification shrinkage tendencies. C355 also allows for excellent welding strengths although […]

Drop box test

International shipping is tough and with possible rough handling all the way until the shipment arrives at the destination, products inside the cartons may not appear to be in the perfect condition as you expected, despite the carton in good shape and cause a lot of loss. It is obviously not enough if you just reply on the suppliers’ words. […]

MES Opens Warehouse in Poland

After MES Inc. opened, a European office in Poland, earlier this year, we are proud to announce that we have also set up a warehouse in Lubuskie province (City of Swiebodzin – Zielona Gora), near the crossing of routes S3 and the A2 motorway. Storage, repackaging, cross docking, order picking, quality control and labeling, are some of the services that […]

MES, Inc is delighted to announce its sponsorship as a major partner for the Novita Half-Marathon Race in Zielona Góra, Poland.

On March 2017, MES, Inc. expanded its business in Poland and since then we, at MES, have been doing our best to make a significant positive impact to local organizations and communities. MES, Inc, has always been adhering to the “giving back to society” corporate philanthropy purpose and taking an active part in public charity activities. MES, Inc. sponsored the […]

MES’s Countermeasures against Environmental Inspection Side-Affect

China is launching a new round of central environmental inspections covering eight provincial-level areas, as the country finishes nationwide investigations into local environmental protection efforts, according to an official statement. A total of eight inspection teams will start month-long on-site investigations into local government work, including Jilin, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces, covering the whole mainland China. See news from state media: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-08/07/c_136505992.htm Factories […]