Special Project with Multi-Masking Requirement

MES was award a new project earlier this year. This project had a high requirement of masking. Many places needed to be masked and no powder was allowed.   Due to the design of this product, its surface was uneven, and the edge was very narrow. If the supplier had used the conventional masking, which is tape, the output would […]

Congratulations to MES, Inc. for Winning Smart 50 Specialty Award for Innovation

“Fourth time is the charm”, said Hiten Shah, as he entered the office this morning. MES has been the honoree for last three years but in this fourth year, it won the Innovation award. The Smart 50 Awards, presented by Hylant, recognize the top executives of the smartest 50 companies in the region for their ability to effectively build and lead […]

Supplier Problem Solving

According to our President and founder, Hiten Shah, MES is only as good as our supplier partners. MES’s core mission is “To Develop quality suppliers across the globe”.   Here, on a Saturday in May, our quality engineer, quality lead and country manager are reviewing the quality issues at a supplier in Wuxi. We work with suppliers to ensure permanent […]

Case Study – Supplier Material Verification Procedure

MES Ningbo Office has been adopted a procedure to verify the designated material to be used in a project. With this proper method, we have prevented the possibility of wrong material being used in production. Here’re what we do: 1. Supplier will cut the sample material from a product and identify the date / alloy / part number and MES […]

High-Performance Engineered Light Housing

On February 4, 2018, all eyes turned to U.S. Bank Stadium, the location of Super Bowl LII. The stadium, which is the home of the Minnesota Vikings, also hosts a wide range of national and international events throughout the year. With its see-through roof and angular design, many people believe the 1.75 million-square-foot venue resembles a Viking warship. Highly recognizable […]