Glue Dispensing Project for Altiostar

To better serve our customer, Altiostar, in the 5G communication sector, MES China has invested two sets of the automatic glue dispensing production lines.   To ensure the smoothness, MES has set up a special project team. With the sufficient communication between customer and MES in the first stage, MES has worked out the details of quality, performance as well […]

Case Study – Forging or Investment Casting

In January 2018, MES received a stainless steel RFQ in which the customer required hot forging process. This is a fuel rail part with high cleanliness and tight tolerance requirements. In most cases, MES follows customers’ requirements and then reaches out to the best supplier. However, we always seek an alternative process which can help to ease cost pressure for […]

Case Study – MES’s Solution Against Chinese New Year

9 days later, almost all Chinese factories will be closed for the biggest holiday in China: Chinese New Year. Chinese across the country will be heading back to their hometown for family reunion and holiday celebration. The activities will take 2-4 weeks which means during this period, you will not be able to get much help from your suppliers, even […]

Drop box test

International shipping is tough and with possible rough handling all the way until the shipment arrives at the destination, products inside the cartons may not appear to be in the perfect condition as you expected, despite the carton in good shape and cause a lot of loss. It is obviously not enough if you just reply on the suppliers’ words. […]

Case Study – 5S Implementation

Metrics Ningbo is dedicated to provide great support not only to our customers, but also to our suppliers. Competitive cost has been a key element in our history and that does not come without a price. We do not just find a supplier with lower quote; on the contrary, we constantly offer them our support to minimize problems, especially in production […]